Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation (T&E) is a critical progression in the development and refinement of advanced military technologies. Our approach to T&E ensures that new technologies are not only effective and reliable but also interoperable, ensuring seamless operation across military domains and platforms. For Directed Energy (DE), we assess the effectiveness and reliability of new DE weapons under various operational conditions. 

For C5ISR, we focus on ensuring that these complex systems provide accurate, real-time intelligence and communication support, essential for decision-making and mission success in diverse environments. 

In aviation, we evaluate the performance, safety, and integration of aircraft systems, including their compatibility with DE and C5ISR technologies. Range modernization plays a significant role in T&E by providing sophisticated and realistic environments for testing these technologies. We assist modern ranges by equipping with advanced sensors, electronic warfare systems, and simulation capabilities, allowing for comprehensive testing of military assets in scenarios that closely mimic real-world challenges.

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